SKATE AND SMOKE ADDIKT!  Kick’s Rhymes and Kickflips! Fast Skateboards, Snapbacks, Fresh Smoke and Tattoos all with a Double Cup O’ Lean. You got to be about the life to Roll with ADDIKT! © REALM ZAMBRANA 2013 Created By Frank Zambrana Hand Fired Photography a Realm of Photo’s created by our top crew members and graphics designers Don't Fu[$]k Up Our Beats Khomplex Enters Funk Volume Contest Grand Prize: $2,500 FATHER n SON, The Bail Bondsman.  NevahDless and Khomplex are here to “Bail You Out” with a new project entitled: The Bailout. This full album and music video project will include Beat Production by D.Smash Laurent (NY, Miami), DJ Slique (Orlando), KaYne(YouTube), Tantu (Netherlands) all under the guise of FNS or “Father and Son” Enter The Realm Hand Fired Music Videos, Made With Pride in Sunny Florida.
AMiAM Hip Hop Join AM's movement as we venture deep into the Floodlands of Orlando. With visuals by Realm-Z.
REALM ANTIQUE, The Old Skool, Looking for early Realm-Z Artist? Maybe a Little “Napalm Federation” or how about some “P- dox Unit”? Remeber when the Warhedz were still togther and Khaled was the DJ? When Prostyle was handing out cassete mixtapes and NevahDless was hosting Local Talent on stolen airwaves? While  just accross town an Egyption bred Producer was both Transparanet and Dark at the same time, C’mon son this is Real Hip Hop. It’s like you can still feel the Pirate Radio and Honda Civics rolling by! 
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We Get It Done, We Walk Into The Sun. by Frankie Nevah Zambrana

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The Album, Goofball was built off the dust on Twitters floors and Grafitti on Tumblrs doors. We present to you a bevy of sounds coming from heavy social networking In the Back alleys of YouTube and Dark halways of Facebook.